I Need a Shower

I woke today in desperate need of a shower. Yesterday was one of those days (not *that* kind!). It was a “spend the day in your pajamas, snacking on unhealthy food, being lazy” kind of day. As it was Christmas, I imagine it was one of those days for a lot of people.

We don’t celebrate Christmas, so for us it was just a usual lazy day. I honestly kept thinking it was Sunday. We celebrate Yule, which was last Sunday, so the boys still have gifts to play with. They did a lot of gaming, and Nerf battling, and we played Munchkin Zombies.

That’s one thing I love about our household, everyone’s love of tabletop gaming. Speaking of TableTop, we watched the new episode yesterday too. We’re big fans, and TableTop was the catalyst for our love of gaming.

I remember when my husband and I first moved in together, and we had a small TV on a milk crate that only got a couple channels. TNG was on every night at 7 pm. We’d sit on the floor, eating our pot pies (which you could usually find on sale 4/$1) and watch it. Ahhh, to be young and poor. LOL

So we knew Wil from TNG, but that’s not what made me a big fan. I’m a big fan because of who he is as a person. I’ve read some of his books, and I sometimes read his blog, and he’s just a really open, funny, cool guy.

We’ve been fans of TableTop from the beginning. It’s one of only a handful of shows (along with Cosmos, Mythbusters, and Sherlock) that will bring everyone into the living room. It’s become a Thursday night ritual, and I love it.

So often we all get wrapped up in our lives…school, work, household chores, online gaming… it’s nice to have something that will make everyone be present. And the nice thing is that it usually prompts use to play a game, which means the electronic devices are put away and the “being present”-ness continues. That’s what happened yesterday, which is why I didn’t shower in the afternoon like I had planned. And why I was perfectly happy to wake up in desperate need of a shower today.


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