“Taking a Break”

“I’m taking a break.”

Those words can mean so many different things… the end of a relationship, a return to being present (if you’re taking a break from your phone or Facebook), a step towards a  healthier lifestyle…so many possibilities.

But when you’re married to an alcoholic, those words can mean hope. They can wipe away stress you didn’t even realize you had. Your shoulders immediately relax as you drop the weights you were carrying. And a smile appears on your face and lingers.

The past three years of my relationship with my husband have been a cycle of extreme lows and amazing highs. He’s been in and out of rehab, therapy, etc., as he struggles to find his path. He’s had a couple long stretches of sobriety that have been absolutely fantastic, the last of which ended in October.

The last few weeks have been challenging, but hearing those words just makes it all melt away. Yes, it means the next couple weeks will be difficult as he detoxes. He’s going to be more emotionally unstable than usual, but there’s an end in sight. And that end means you can see what’s beyond it. It reminds you of the good times that can be so hard to remember during the bad times.

So here’s to another new beginning…and a return to feeling hopeful.


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