Clearing Hurdles

After a disastrous weekend a few weeks back, my husband is back on track and clearing hurdles like a champ.

Monday marked three weeks, which included making it through our last pay day. This week has been challenging because we got our tax return and it’s a pay week. He’s managed to stay strong and says he feels good. We’re even planning a getaway for our birthday in a few weeks.

And yes, I said “our” birthday. We have the same birthday, born on the same year. He’s a few hours older than I am.

I’m trying really hard to be fully present and supportive. It’s been difficult this week because school and work are stressing me out. All I really want is a massage and a quiet house. ::sigh::

But I’m holding my own. A few more weeks until our birthday, and then spring break after that. I can do this.