Clearing Hurdles

After a disastrous weekend a few weeks back, my husband is back on track and clearing hurdles like a champ. Monday marked three weeks, which included making it through our last pay day. This week has been challenging because we got our tax return and it’s a pay week. He’s managed to stay strong and … More Clearing Hurdles

There and Back Again

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” Dalai Lama Sometimes I feel like I need that quote tattooed in reverse on my forehead so I’m reminded every time I see my reflection. So the sobriety break lasted a few days, and then pay day came. Pay day is always a major … More There and Back Again

“Taking a Break”

“I’m taking a break.” Those words can mean so many different things… the end of a relationship, a return to being present (if you’re taking a break from your phone or Facebook), a step towards a  healthier lifestyle…so many possibilities. But when you’re married to an alcoholic, those words can mean hope. They can wipe … More “Taking a Break”

Less Asking, More Doing

So I have a usual morning routine that involves making coffee for my husband. I don’t like coffee, so this is one of those “just for him” things that I do. It’s something he really appreciates, and he often says if my love had a scent, it would smell like coffee. Anyhow, I usually ask … More Less Asking, More Doing

I Need a Shower

I woke today in desperate need of a shower. Yesterday was one of those days (not *that* kind!). It was a “spend the day in your pajamas, snacking on unhealthy food, being lazy” kind of day. As it was Christmas, I imagine it was one of those days for a lot of people. We don’t … More I Need a Shower